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“If content is king then conversion is queen” ~ Jon Mursell

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Long gone are the days when businesses relied on TV ads and billboards. These days, the fact can’t be denied that SEO isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. Every other day, new businesses are forming. What were once niche products and services have now turned into an overcrowded marketplace where prospective customers have far more options than they know what to do with. This has been contributed by the fact that the internet has totally revolutionised the way societies conduct business.

These days, whenever a new idea floats in the market, there are literally hundreds of companies trying to capitalise it. This chaotic world is brought in order by SEO. Even though there are a plethora of competitors providing the same products and services, SEO is how businesses set themselves apart.
Precisely for this reason, the demand for companies offering SEO services in Australia like us here at ME Digital Solution has exponentially increased.
Search Engine Optimisation plays a key role in ROI

You must wonder about the ROI of SEO, right? Several marketing and RIO studies have consistently proved that SEO generates a higher average ROI as compared to trade shows, online ads, TV, direct mail and newspaper advertising.
For instance, let’s say that you sell product “X” for $300 and after running a $1000 SEO package in Australia for a given period of time, you are getting nearly 1000 visitors every month on your website. If even 2% of those visitors buy your product “X”, that’s $6000 in revenue and nearly 400% ROI

Me Digital Solution
Local SEO

Ultimately, the goal of our local SEO service in Australia is leads, sales and most importantly, more local customers. There is no doubt that local area SEO and marketing techniques have a huge ROI.

So what are the perks that you can enjoy from our local SEO services?
  • Compared to broader keywords, local search results have less competition.
  • Local search results definitely stand out. From appearing on Google maps to your address, phone number, review ratings and all other information will be right there on the page.
  • It saves time because when you are targeting local customers, you are investing less time driving and much more time in making money for your business. This is especially true in the case of mobile businesses like studios and salons who take less time in receiving calls from other parts of the city.
Some of the local business niches we serve through our SEO service are:-
  • IT & Professional
  • Home & Garden
  • Automotive Services
  • Hair & Beauty
Me Digital Solution
How do we work? What do we promise?
Customers Find
Help your customers find you
Contrary to what you have heard, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is much more than just Google ranking. It’s about increasing sales and leads. Through our SEO packages, now your customers can find you not just on Google but also local niche websites and social media.
No Lock-in Contracts
No lock-in contracts
Unfortunately, there are many SEO companies which lock in a contract with their clients and then take their foot off the gas. Well, not here. We earn from you by growing your business. You have complete freedom to pause, downgrade or upgrade your SEO package anytime you want.
Google Friendly SEO
Google Friendly SEO
To reduce spam and serve relevant search results, Google is constantly changing its algorithm. We have always focused on the future of search which is why we ensure long-term results by following Google quality guidelines.
Website Visitors
Targeted Website Visitors
Compared to traditional media, SEO has a massive advantage, and that’s its ability to target its niche audience. Our SEO campaigns are designed in a manner so that they Australia visitors who are searching for the products and services which you offer.
Transparent Operations
Transparent Operations
Being transparent about the work we do has always been our prime focus which is why we work closely with business owners. Not only do we provide answers to your questions but we also demonstrate results through our monthly SEO reports.
Cost Effective Rates
Cost effective rates
We understand the fact that every SEO company in Australia is different and their marketing requirement are too. Precisely for this reason, we charge a price that can be afforded by all, whether it’s MNCs or start-ups.

As probably the most reputed SEO company in Perth, we pride in the quality of work that we have been putting in for the last few years, and we have the ambition to improve ourselves further to satisfy our clients better.