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Pay Per Click
“Pay per click was just the beginning. The real evolution is pay per action.” ~ Bill Gross

Generate Leads Through Google AdWords Services Australia

We all know that Google has several sources of revenue, right? But did you know that its largest source, its cash cow, is advertising which accounts for nearly 90% of its revenue? In the last couple of years, Google has grown a lot, and this amounts to billions of dollars.
The fact can’t be denied that the overall trend is that digital advertising is getting popular by the day. This is due to the fact that more and more companies are choosing online advertising rather than traditional ones. This trend has resulted in the demand for companies like us who can set up and maintain a PPC campaign for business owners.

Did you know that according to the recent projection, digital advertising spending will surpass that of TV by 2017?

If you were having a conversation with a lot of inbound marketers a few years back, advertising on Google wasn’t a topic that you came across very often because back then, Google AdWords cost in Australia was a bit steep. However, considering the fact that there’s an ever increasing competition online, it’s becoming a much talked about topic amongst business owners for getting their content to prospective clients.
So why has it taken business owners so long to adopt to Google AdWords?
Well, there are predominantly two myths which have kept business owners from implementing a successful AdWords campaign.

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Myth #1: People don’t generally click on Google Ads

This is probably the easiest myth to debunk. You need to remember that Google is a publicly traded company and with just a bit of digging around, anyone can access its financial records.
Do you have any idea how much Google makes in one day from AdWords alone? $10 million? $20 million? Did you know that Google generates over a $100 million in revenue every day from PPC? With the cost per click on an average between $1 to $2, that’s nearly $50 million clicks every day.
So it’s quite obvious that people definitely click on Google ads. What’s more, Google is constantly updating the appearance of their ads to make them more attractive for the users to click them.

Pay Per Click
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Myth #2: Competitors can click on your ads all day, costing you money

Google maintains an extremely sophisticated technology to counter “invalid clicks” and “click fraud”. It’s not just about tracking the IP address, but it also involves analysing several click pattern factors.
What’s more, the reports which Google provides on the performance of AdWords campaign are both comprehensive and sound. If there are any suspicious activities, they will be quickly exposed. As a business owner, if you notice that there is an unusual amount of clicks from a geographical area that’s not part of your target area, you can report it directly to Google. If they see that those clicks are questionable, they will reimburse you the amount.

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Now that we’ve debunked these myths, it should be pretty easy for you to ascertain how AdWords can be the perfect complement to inbound marketing. By combining it with SEO and content, we can help you to dominate the search results and generate traffic away from your competition.
We here at ME Digital Solution provide a Google AdWords Services Australia to our clients by consistently monitoring daily budget spent, quality scores, click through rates and other relevant information.
To gain a full understanding of our customers’ needs and situation, we conduct extensive research of the relevant industry, competition and keywords before commencing each campaign. After that, we analyse this data by refining our strategy to make sure that your PPC campaign is operating at its full potential. This is usually measured by several indicators like an increase in conversion rate or quality score and decrease in bounce rate.
By constantly tracking everything, we ensure that our clients can have a clear overview of their campaign’s progress. What’s more, when you are dealing with us, you won’t have to worry about your Google ads pricing in Australia because we have never been a company that charges an excessive amount from our clients.