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Mobile Apps
“The mobile phone is a bit like God – it’s omnipresent.” ~ Joana Picq

Industry Experts in Mobile App Development Australia

There is no doubt that mobile apps are the future of commerce. Did you know that this year, 2017, nearly 25% of online retail will be bound for tablets and smartphones? But in no way does that mean that as a business owner, you know exactly what to do.

What’s your mobile app strategy? How can you market it for success?

But before you get to the how and what, you need to ask why – Why does your company need a mobile app?
Well, the answer lies in the ways your clients buy your products or use your services. If they have the option of doing it in newly flexible, relevant and convenient ways – that’s the why you should commence your app strategy.
Next, how? Well, we will help you answer this question by developing an app for you that focuses on keeping the core goals at the front and center of our strategy – convenient, flexible and relevant. We focus on creating an app that gives users these three things and if things go well, do it at scale and dynamically.

Here at Me Digital Solution, we are focused on creating rich quality and highly engaging mobile applications that boost the mobile experience of our clients. We understand the fact that every client is different and has different requirements. Precisely for this reason, we use the right tools and proven methodologies to customise our mobile application development process. Our specialised team of mobile app developers are equipped to handle the toughest challenges and yet deliver the highest results to meet industry standards.

Mobile Apps Development
Me Digital Solution
Why choose us for mobile app development?

As one of the leading mobile app development companies around, we have a strong focus on Android, IOS and cross-platform. Here we work closely with our clients to develop robust and highly impressive mobile apps for different platforms.
As probably the most reputed mobile apps development company in Australia, we understand the needs of our clients and work towards shaping a perfect mobile app that not only suffices their requirements but also expands their business worldwide. Some of the reasons why we can be your perfect project partner are:-

  • Proficiency & Technical Skills
  • Extensive Experience
  • Incredible Development Process
  • Seamless Communication
  • Frequent Updates about Project
  • Proven Methodologies
Apps Development
Me Digital Solution
Our Mobile App Development Process

Initial Discovery and Discussion: In the initial stage, we discuss the idea which our clients have with our professional team in order to build an app strategy that we are going to follow.
Prototyping: We follow a unique app strategy through which we create a prototype layout as per the requirements of our clients.
App Designing and Approval: After getting the feedback on the prototype, our team will begin designing the app and wait for the client to approve.
Development: After we get the approval of our clients, our team of developers will accelerate the development process by utilising unique techniques and tools.
Quality assurance: Lastly, our quality assurance team will use different tools to check the quality of the application.

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Me Digital Solution
Compared to a few years ago, mobile app development isn’t a luxury anymore; it’s a necessity for all businesses. Over the years, we have worked with diverse organisations, brands, individuals and start-ups to create powerful apps from a unique idea. Right from the very start, we harness the best and the latest frameworks, SDKs and tools to ensure our app development services cater to iPhone, iPad and Android. Due to our mobile apps development services in Australia, our clients’ businesses have grown leaps and bounds, and their reviews portray how satisfactorily we served them.